How do I Choose the Best Socket Organizer?

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Before choosing a socket organizer, you should first determine whether you will be transporting your socket set regularly, or if the set is more likely to stay in a garage or workspace. Consider, too, how regularly you will need to access your sockets; some socket organizer units are great for keeping sockets readily available for regular use, while others are better for storage. If you want to store your socket organizer in a tool box, be sure to measure the drawer or space in which you intend to store the sockets so you know how large of an organizer to purchase.

A magnetic socket organizer is a good choice for shop use to keep sockets in order and all together in one place. The sockets can be added or removed from the magnetic strip quickly and easily, though if you put this organizer in a tool box with other tools, it is likely that the sockets will break away from the socket organizer. Other metal tools may also become attached to the magnetic organizer, negating the benefits of this method.


Another type of socket organizer features metal clips that fit snugly into the opening of the socket designed for the driver, keeping the sockets firmly attached to the organizer both in the shop and during transport in a toolbox. This is a great choice for a socket set with a limited number of sockets, since this method usually lines the sockets up end to end in a long line. The organizer features a handle on one end for ease of use.

Larger socket sets may need a larger organizer, such as a drawer in a toolbox with slots for specifically sized sockets. Some tool boxes are specifically designed to include a drawer with an integrated socket organizer for specific socket sizes. Be sure to consider whether the integrated drawer will feature the slot sizes you need, as well as a space for your socket driver. If the drawer does not feature the integrated socket pockets, you can buy the metal clip or magnetic organizers and simply lay them in the drawer to keep the sockets neat, organized, and easily accessible. Whichever organizer you choose, be sure to purchase one that is made from a durable material such as aluminum or steel. Avoid plastic, as these organizers tend to break easily.


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