How Do I Choose the Best Soap Packaging?

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With so many types and brands of soap on the market, one of the major ways to stand out from all the others and attract the public is through the packaging. The packaging has a lot to do with whether that item will sell — it can draw in customers or turn them off, especially when there's an eco-friendly product wrapped or boxed in something that's far from familiar. When customers can't see the item inside, the packaging is the best way to give them an idea as to what the product is. For more decorative products, clear packaging lets the merchandise showcase itself. Cost is also obviously an important factor, especially for a business that's just starting out.

Many are turned off from buying a product that is advertised as being eco-friendly when the packaging is detrimental to the planet. When selling a product that is eco-friendly, using a recyclable container isn't the only option for packaging, there's also plantable wrapping paper. After customers unwrap the product, they can plant the soap packaging and it will grow into flowers. When the product is finished, there's no soap left behind, no packaging, and both the company and the customer know they did something good for the planet.


As you choose soap packaging, opt for one that matches the type of soap or the business itself. For soap that's specifically for pets, packaging with paw prints or animal silhouettes on it reflects the business, while lavender colored packaging that has lavender flower graphics on it can match soap that smells of lavender. For the business that wants to keep it simple, opt for a solid color packaging that complements the color of the lettering in the business name.

Another option is to think about using clear soap packaging depending on the look of the product. Those who create decorative bar soap don't necessarily have to go with the standard solid color soap packaging. If the soap has any items embedded into it, such as a toy, flower petals or dried fruit, or if the item was formed from a mold, opt for using clear packaging so the soap can advertise itself. Use clear plastic wrap or a small clear plastic box, the latter of which can also be reused by the customer.

Cost plays a big part in what soap packaging is ultimately used. The more elaborate the packaging, the more expensive it's likely going to be. Buying in bulk can save a substantial amount of money. For a business that's just starting, request samples of packaging options before purchasing large quantities; it'll allow for reviewing the finished product and making any necessary changes before putting large quantities of the item on the market.


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Post 3

I hate it when soap comes in a bottle with a cap top. Those are so difficult to use. The cap gets clogged because the soap is thick but the hole in the cap is not large enough. I much prefer a pump bottle. It just makes life easier.

Post 2

@bluedophin-- You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to buy soap products that are useful and also good for the environment. My dish soap for example, doesn't cost that much more than a cheap one, but the ingredients are from nature and the bottle is from recycled plastic. And as long as you recycle the bottle yourself when the product is finished, it won't be polluting the environment at all.

Post 1

I am aware of environmental issues and I definitely don't want to contribute to environmental pollution as an individual. But environmentally friendly products tend to cost more and since I have low income, it's difficult for me to purchase these products.

Just today, I thought about how much pollution my soap refill package is causing. It's two large plastic bottles of liquid soap. They have taped them together using cardboard and there is another plastic film over the whole thing. It makes me sad but if I bought soap that is biodegradable including the packaging, it would have cost me about ten times more probably.

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