How do I Choose the Best SMS Alert Tones?

Felicia Dye

SMS, or short message service, alert tones are sounds that will notify you when you receive alerts. There are generally so many options available that you may have difficulty deciding which ones to choose. If you consider a few factors, however, it may help you to narrow your choices.

SMS systems allow people to quickly and easily send messages to each other using mobile phones and computers.
SMS systems allow people to quickly and easily send messages to each other using mobile phones and computers.

One of the first things you should consider when choosing SMS alert tones, also known as ringtones, is when you are likely to be alerted. This is important because the environment you are in may need to define the sounds you choose. For example, if you receive news updates and other alerts common during business hours and you are in a professional setting, you may not want to choose SMS alert tones that will reflect poorly on your professional demeanor.

You may want to make similar considerations if you have children. Popular music is often available for use as SMS alert tones. It may be best to avoid vulgar and derogatory options if your children will be exposed to them.

For some people, having the newest and most popular SMS alert tones is important. This, however, can be costly. If you are one of those people, you should try to get the best deals you can on tones. Try to find free ones when possible.

If you are not one of those people, and saving money is more important, then consider using sounds that are programmed into your phone. You can also use tones you have used for other purposes but are no longer using. Swapping tones with your friends and family is another way to get good sounds without spending too much money.

Even though you may not want to spend a fortune, you may want to choose tones that make you feel good. This is especially true if you tend to be busy and stressed. You can choose SMS alert tones that boost your mood or make you giggle. These sounds can be a positive alternative for the instances in the day when the sound of your phone does not bring you joy.

Choosing SMS alert tones you associate with each type of alert is also a good idea. For example, you may want choose a raining sound to represent weather updates. Doing this will provide a measure of convenience so you can easily identify the type of alert you are receiving without having to stop important tasks to check your phone.

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If you like to have funny ringtones or alert tones you can create your own.

I have found different sites on the Internet and even videos that teach you how to create your own free alert tones.


I find that I have to change my text alert signal depending on what I am doing.

When I am in a situation where it is very noisy I have to use very loud and distracting SMS ringtones to be sure that I will not miss them.

In meetings or in professional situations I just put it on vibrate so I don’t disturb the meeting.

When I am at home my family dislikes my loud tones so I have to use one that is less disturbing.

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