How Do I Choose the Best Small Vase?

Patti Kate

Before you select a small vase, consider what purpose you'll be using it for. If you simply require a small vase to fill an empty spot on an end table, nightstand, or desk, any inexpensive piece might suit your needs. A small glass decorative vase can be purchased at low cost from a variety store. If you prefer a more ornate and delicate piece, you might find some fine crystal vases at a specialty store. You can use a small vase to hold flowers, but ideally you'll need a long and slender piece or one that is extra wide.

A small vase of flowers.
A small vase of flowers.

If you require a glass or crystal vase in a smaller size, consider a square or rectangular shape for holding an arrangement of flowers. This shape will prevent the flowers from toppling over easily. If your vase is rounded, your flowers may appear droopy.

Votive candles may be placed in a small vase to add to a room's ambiance.
Votive candles may be placed in a small vase to add to a room's ambiance.

A small crystal vase will add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your table top or desk. Various designs of crystal can decorate even the most simple arrangement or desktop. A colored crystal vase can dress up a plain white linen tablecloth or brighten an otherwise drab desktop.

When you have a large arrangement of flowers to display but no room for a large vase, choose a small vase with a wide, flared top. This type of vase may be short, but the width makes it practical for flowers with short stems. A fish-bowl-type of vase may also work for short-stemmed flowers. On the other hand, if you want to display a few long-stemmed roses, a slender and tall vase would be more suitable.

With some creativity and thought, your small vase can also match your decor. If you want to place the vase on a white laminate table, you might want to choose a coordinating white vase. The vase can have a modern or art deco motif, or be more traditional. There are many other creative designs to choose from. Let your imagination be your guide and select a small vase that reflects your personality.

If you want a small vase that is out of the ordinary, companies create custom-made vases in all styles and designs imaginable. If you own a boutique or simply love to shop, you could choose a vase that is designed in the shape of a paper bag. For relaxation or ambiance, you could choose a water-fountain vase. Perhaps you'd prefer a nature-inspired vase that is designed like a tree or plant. Whatever unique design you choose, your small vase can be functional while adding a touch of individuality and flair.

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