How Do I Choose the Best Skin Care System?

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When choosing a skin care system, it is important to consider the condition of your skin, any allergies or skin sensitivities that you have, and whether you wear cosmetics on a regular basis. It is a good idea to review the ingredients included in each component of the skin care system and to find out whether any of these ingredients are recommended or are contraindicated for your skin type or skin conditions. While it is possible to purchase a skin care system made up of products from one range or brand of products, many skin care experts believe that it is more important to select individual products that are right for your skin, even if they are produced by different manufacturers. If you do purchase a skin care system that has been put together by a skin care manufacturer, it is important to review each product to determine its suitability for your skin. In all cases, you should try a sample of any skin care product that interests you before investing in full-size products.


Many cosmetic and skin care manufacturers tout the advantages of buying a complete skin care system. One advantage of purchasing a skin care system is that the price of the set may be significantly discounted over the cost of buying individual products. Another benefit promoted by manufacturers is the idea that the system components address all of your skin care needs and that they are designed to work synergistically. These last two advantages have been questioned by some skin care experts who believe that not everyone needs multiple skin care products and do not believe that products need to be manufactured by the same company to work well together. In addition, some products, even in the same range, may be better formulated than others. As such, you may find that one or more products within a prepackaged skin care system trigger a reaction or simply don’t work well on your skin.

When selecting or putting together a skin care system, you should consider your skin's needs. For example, if you regularly wear cosmetics, your system should include a makeup remover or a cleanser that is effective at removing makeup. In addition, you may want or need to include an astringent or moisturizer in your skin care routine. It is also usually recommended that people wear facial sunscreen on a daily basis. Evaluate pre-packaged skin care kits to determine if they contain the products that you need. If there are any questionable products or products that contain ingredients that are not compatible with your skin, you may want to avoid buying the set until you have tried a product sample and know that it works for you.


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