How Do I Choose the Best Skin Astringent?

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Choosing the best skin astringent depends on budget, skin type, and texture of skin. A skin astringent is typically used to tighten the pores and cleanse the skin. Although skin astringents or other over-the-counter skin preparations do little to influence the size of skin pores, they can alter the appearance of facial pores and make them look smaller. Pore size is genetically determined and cannot usually be altered without surgical intervention.

Department store cosmetics counters, drug stores, and even grocery stores sell skin astringent. Basic formulas differ, and some products use only natural ingredients, while others use artificial ingredients, or a combination of both. The price of a skin astringent will generally vary, based on its ingredients and where the product was purchased.

Some skin astringents are designed for oily skin types, while others are formulated for dry or combination skin types. Certain skin toners have added moisturizers to counteract the effects of alcohol, which is a common ingredient in astringents. If alcohol is found to be irritating to the skin, astringents without it can be purchased. Some dermatologists also offer skin astringents that can be tailored to the precise type and texture of the patient's skin.


Although most skin astringents are generally well tolerated by those who use them, skin reactions can occur. These reactions might include redness, burning, inflammation, and flaking skin. These effects typically involve those products containing alcohol, and are less likely to occur in products without it. When local reactions occur, the dermatologist can recommend treatments for the reactions and alternative skin astringent products.

It is important to note that skin astringents should not be substitutes for soap and water when cleansing the face. Astringents should be applied only after the face has been properly washed. In addition, the effects of skin products may not be noticed for a couple weeks, and noticeable results should not be expected after using skin astringents for only short periods of time. If, however, the skin toners fail to enhance the appearance of the skin, or if adverse reactions are noticed, the products should be discontinued and the dermatologist notified.

In addition to using a facial astringents, other factors need to be considered in maintaining healthy skin. These factors include eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of fluids. In addition, not smoking, avoiding excessive ultraviolet rays, and managing stress are important in maintaining healthy skin.


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