How Do I Choose the Best Sink Grate?

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The best sink grate fits the dimensions of the kitchen sink, has protective foot coverings, and is constructed from a durable material. The dimensions of the grate should match the existing sink perfectly so that the grate either rests easily in the bottom of the sink or sits on the outside edge. Protective foot coverings can prevent the surface of the sink from becoming scratched. Choosing a grate made from a durable material increases the likelihood that it will last for many years without warping or rotting from use.

A sink grate is a device designed to fit over or inside of a sink. It typically features slots through which water may pass, but which are somewhat closely set together so that kitchen items, such as dishes and utensils, may be placed on top without falling through. This item is made in a variety of materials and colors, and can be sized to fit any style of home kitchen sink.


Customers can begin their search for the right sink grate by determining what type of sink is already installed in their kitchen. Many sinks feature a manufacturer's name and sometimes a model number printed on the underside of the sink. If this information is unavailable or in a location that makes it too difficult to obtain, homeowners can measure their kitchen sinks to determine its exact dimensions. This informational will be necessary to purchase a grate that fits the width and length of the sink exactly without falling through or resting beyond the edges of the sink.

The sink grate should be equipped with rubber caps that fit over the item's feet. These feet may rest inside the sink or along the top outer edge, depending on the design. Rubber end caps help to protect the sink from becoming scratched by the metal feet. This feature is beneficial when using the item on porcelain and ceramic sinks, and is a necessity when using it with stainless steel sinks as the capacity for scratch marks occurring is greater.

The grate itself may be designed from stainless steel, cast iron, or wood. Stainless steel sink grates are durable, stain resistant, and can be run through a dishwasher cycle for easy clean up. This type of material can also be purchased to match the kitchen sink it is protecting. Cast iron grates tend to be heavier and longer lasting than their stainless steel counterparts. They are often covered in a layer of porcelain so that soap may be used with the product without damaging it, however, they cannot be placed inside a dishwasher.

A wooden sink grate is often considered a specialty item, and may only be available for exact sink designs. The wood used in the construction of the product is typically bamboo, which can withstand long exposure to water and moisture without cracking or splintering. This type of grate tends to be the most expensive of the three materials used, and often must be ordered direct from the manufacturer or through specialty Internet kitchen sites.


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