How do I Choose the Best Silicone Trivet?

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A silicone trivet protects a counter top or other surface from the heat of a hot pot. You can also use it as a potholder. When purchasing a trivet, consider both its practical and aesthetic properties. Look at its heat resistance, size, and flexibility. You may also want to take its color and price into consideration.

A silicone trivet can usually handle temperatures of at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit (316 degrees Celsius). Check the trivet before purchasing it to make sure it can handle the heat. For example, if you plan on using it between a skillet that's fresh off of the stove top and the counter, you'll want the highest heat rating possible to avoid the risk of it melting or becoming otherwise damaged.

Choose a silicone trivet that meets your needs in terms of size. Some trivets are small and round and won't provide complete coverage under a large stock pot or Dutch oven. Others are square and designed for large pots. A few are designed to be flipped open for use under large pots and then tucked in to be used with smaller pots or dishes.


Get the most from a silicone trivet by choosing one that can double as a potholder. Some trivets are very stiff, so you cannot use them to pick up hot dishes or pots very easily. Others are designed to act as potholders and bend easily. They also provide a better grip on pots and dishes than fabric potholders because they are made of a type of rubber. If the trivet is small and flexible enough, you can use it to open jars.

Look at the price of the item before buying it. While some trivets may cost more because they are larger or more flexible than others, a few trivets are pricier simply because they are offered by a name-brand company or a designer. You may find that a cheap trivet serves you just as well as a more expensive designer one.

The design of the trivet may matter to you. Some silicone trivets are designed to resemble enameled cast-iron varieties, while others have cute patterns, such as an electric burner, printed on them. If it matters to you, choose one that matches the color scheme of your kitchen. Silicone trivets are usually available in a wide range of colors, from basic black to neon green.


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