How do I Choose the Best Shrub Bush?

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Choosing the best shrub bush for your yard involves several steps. There are so many varieties of shrubs available to choose from that it can seem overwhelming trying to determine which one is perfect for your location. Shrubbery lives longer than annual landscaping. It also lives as long as, if not longer, than different types of perennials, so this is a decision that will have long lasting ramifications.

Your first step to determining the ideal shrub bush for your lawn is to determine if your site is sunny or shady. A sunny site receives at least six hours of direct sunlight each day; a shady site receives less direct sunlight, or no direct sunlight at all. While some shrubs perform well in either sunny or shady locations, the majority will have a preference, and many will not live at all if planted in an area with the incorrect amount of sunlight.

The next step in determining what type of plant will work best in your landscape is determining how well the soil in the area holds moisture. Some plants perform exceptionally well in soil that holds moisture, while others require well-drained soil. Planting a shrub bush that likes well-drained soil into soil that holds moisture will probably lead to its death.


Once you determine if your planting location is sunny or shady, and has well drained soil or moist soil, you are ready to narrow down your selection. Determine the purpose of your shrub. Gardeners commonly use shrubs as privacy screens, to attract wildlife, or to add visual interest to their yard.

Prioritize your reasons for planting a shrub, so that you are sure to choose the one that will work best for your situation. For example, if you definitely want to create a privacy screen, choose an evergreen shrub for year-round privacy. If you definitely want to create a sanctuary for wildlife, choose a shrub that produces flowers and berries to attract birds and insects.

Once you have narrowed down your focus, you are ready to go shopping. Each shrub bush will have a tag with care instructions that includes information on whether the plant prefers sunny or shady conditions and moist or well-drained soil. By shopping at a locally owned garden center, you can ask the employees what types of shrubs grow best in the area. By shopping over the Internet, you will have a greater selection from which to choose.


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