How do I Choose the Best Shower Stall Curtains?

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To choose the best shower stall curtains, you will want to find colors or patterns that match the decor of the rest of your bathroom. You may also want to layer the shower stall curtains for a more stylish look; for instance, many people use a fabric curtain that hangs down over the outside of the tub, with a vinyl shower curtain on the inside to keep water from getting on the floor. Another concern that some people have is the safety of certain shower curtains that are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC shower stall curtains release what is known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, into the air when they are hung up, and typically for at least the next month thereafter. These VOCs and chemicals such as phthalates may be a cause of certain diseases such as cancer, or may cause reproductive issues, among other potential problems. Studies are ongoing to determine the true effects that PVC shower curtains can have, but as a result, some manufacturers are now offering non-PVC shower curtains to be used as an alternative. Keep in mind that this is primarily an issue with vinyl shower curtains, not fabric. EVA curtains are typically offered as an alternative, which are made from ethylene vinyl acetate.


You may also want to choose shower stall curtains that are resistant to mildew growth, since this can often be a problem due to the dampness and humidity in bathrooms, especially those that are poorly ventilated. Shower stall curtains that offer metal rivets around the holes at the top are also more durable and tend to last longer than curtains that are just plastic, since they are easy to rip right off the shower curtain rings. In addition, some shower stall curtains also offer weights at the bottom to ensure that the curtain hangs properly, as well as suction cups or to affix it to one side of the tub wall.

Otherwise, choosing the best shower stall curtains is a matter of preference. The interior vinyl curtain is often clear, or a plain, neutral color such as beige; however, some people may choose to only use a vinyl curtain, so they are also available in different colors and patterns. Exterior fabric curtains are also available in a number of different options, such as floral patterns, bright colors for kids, or even favorite sports teams, just to name a few.


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Post 3

Most newer homes today have several bathrooms and showers installed. If you happen to live in an older home, you may want to invest in a corner shower stall if you are looking for an extra shower space. We installed one down in the basement, so we could have more than one place to shower and it has been a life saver.

It also does not take up too much room because it fits right into the corner. This has really been great when we have company stay. Seems like there can never be too many showers when you have a house full of people.

Post 2

I have tried using the suction cups to keep my bath shower curtains to the side of the stall, but they never seem to work very well. I guess I just usually forget that they are even there, so have never gotten into the habit of using them.

This is a good idea though when you have small children that are taking a shower. It seems like there can be a lot of extra water on the floor when they are done!

I also like to change my curtain on a regular basis. They are cheap enough so you can do it before they get too gross looking.

Post 1

I think choosing the best shower stall curtains is a matter of what you like best. I always like to have a fabric shower curtain for an inside liner. It needs to be easy to remove so I can just throw it in the wash. I find this much easier to keep clean than a vinyl curtain liner.

I also like an outside decorative curtain to match my decor. I don't wash this one as often, but like to make sure it is also machine washable. I also like to purchase decorative shower curtain hooks to hang my curtains on.

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