How do I Choose the Best Shower Squeegee?

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A shower squeegee is ideal for cleaning the surface of the shower or bathtub immediately after the water is turned off, as this can prevent water spots and dirt from building up. You may be surprised or overwhelmed by the number of squeegees on the market, but there are a few reliable methods of choosing the best one. The first step is to consider the size you need, as there are large and small squeegees available. You should also think about the number of blades you need, as most come with either one or two. Also, consider where you would put the shower squeegee, as some allow you to easily hang the product in the bathroom, and may even look good in this room.

There are a few different sizes of shower squeegee available, and you should choose one based on the size of the surface you need to clean. Smaller squeegees are ideal for either cleaning small surfaces or getting into the smaller angular areas of large showers. Of course, larger areas can be cleaned quicker with a larger shower squeegee. Keep in mind that most large squeegees are typically a bit more expensive than the small ones, so consider whether you would rather spend extra money to save time cleaning, or spend less money and a few more minutes wiping down the shower area with a small shower squeegee.


Consider the number of blades before you choose a shower squeegee. Many modern types have two blades, which are usually considered best for use on either flat or curved surfaces. A single blade is typically good for use on just flat surfaces, and is often considered more basic. Therefore, it is usually less expensive than the kind with two blades, so think about whether your shower surface is flat or curved before you decide which type you need.

Some squeegees look better than others, which is only important if you plan to store it in plain sight. For example, many come with a suction cup so that you can place it on the wall or inside the shower. This type is often made of an attractive metal, such as stainless steel or chrome, which means that it may match many bathrooms. On the other hand, some squeegees are made of plastic or polypropylene, and may be better off being placed in a drawer or cupboard since they do not tend to match the d├ęcor of most bathrooms. Thus, you should consider where you plan to put the shower squeegee before spending extra money on one that looks better than the rest.


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