How Do I Choose the Best Shower Foot Scrubber?

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To choose the best shower foot scrubber, think about what you want the scrubber to be made out of, how you want to use it, and what you want it to look like. Shower foot scrubbers can work in different ways with some being more abrasive and effective at exfoliating than others. They also come in a variety of designs, which allow you to use the products in different ways. The design of your scrubber might affect how it looks in your bathroom, so appearance is something you should consider as well.

A shower foot scrubber is sometimes made with bunches of nylon bristles which look very similar to a toothbrush. This type of scrubber should create plenty of lather and will get your feet soapy and clean but will not do very much in the way of exfoliating. On the other end of the spectrum, a foot scrubber with a pumice stone or other rough material will take off dead skin and leave feet feeling smoother. This rougher treatment might not be appropriate for every day use so think about whether you want to use your scrubber for every day cleaning or as an exfoliating treatment. Some shower foot scrubbers come with a combination of the two.


Many times, a shower foot scrubber is attached to a small, foot-shaped mat that has suction cups to hold it to the bottom of a bathtub or shower. If you are looking for a foot scrubber that eliminates the need to bend over or stand on one leg, then this style is for you. There are also small handheld scrubbers and scrubber heads attached to longer handles. One of these might be right for you if you are interested in cleaning your feet more thoroughly and do not mind bending over. Sometimes with a shower foot scrubber on a handle, you can change the head, allowing you to use different textures on your feet or to scrub other hard-to-reach areas, such as your back.

The look of a shower foot scrubber varies depending on the manufacturer as well as how it is meant to be used. Some designs have a top band with bristles to clean the top of your feet and will appear a lot bigger and bulkier in your shower. Smaller versions are more inconspicuous. Think about the color and the material that the scrubber is made out of. For some people this may not ever be a concern, but if guests often use your bathroom or if you have a very stylized bathroom decor, it may be something to consider.


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