How Do I Choose the Best Shower Basin?

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A shower basin is sometimes known as a shower tray or base, and it is used primarily to catch water from a shower and direct it to the drain. The shower basin is used in standalone showers, and several options for materials, shapes, styles, and so on exist. Choosing the best one starts with measuring the shower space and determining how much room you have for the basin. You will need to note the location of the drain as well, and in some cases, it may be necessary to modify the basin for your needs.

The biggest consideration when choosing a shower basin is the materials used to construct this piece. The most common materials are tile, acrylic, and fiberglass. Tile basin installation is time-consuming and requires some skill, while acrylic basins and fiberglass basins are usually one-piece units that can be installed more quickly. A tile shower basin will be exceptionally attractive, but it will cost more in many cases, and it will take more time to install. Acrylic shower basin models are inexpensive, though they tend to look cheap and wear out quickly. Fiberglass tub shells are more expensive but also more durable; they are sometimes mixed with acrylic for durability and low cost.


Stone shower basin models are also available, though again, these can be somewhat more difficult to install. Stone basins are also usually the most expensive options: marble is a common material used for such purposes, and it tends to be quite expensive to purchase. In many cases, stone basins need to be installed by professionals because the heavy and thick stone will need to be custom cut on-site, which requires specialty tools. This will add to the overall cost of the stone shower basin, though the finished product will undoubtedly be very attractive.

If you want the stone appearance but do not have the money, you can buy a precast stone resin basin. This basin is likely to be far less expensive and easier to install, and it may even closely resemble the look of real stone. Only discerning eyes will be able to tell the difference between the stone resin and true stone in many cases, though the resin is not likely to accurately mimic very high-end stone such as marble. Choose this option if you want an aesthetically appealing option while staying within your budget constraints.


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