How Do I Choose the Best Shoe Polish Kits?

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When purchasing a shoe polish kit, you may find it convenient to choose a set that contains a storage crate or travel-size pouch to hold your accessories. In addition, consider shoe polish kits that contain all the necessary supplies you will need, so you won't need to buy them separately. If you own shoes in various colors, look for shoe polish kits that contain multiple polish colors in one set. Also, try to select a shoe shine kit that contains a few different types of formulas, such as pastes, conditioning cremes and waxes. Many fine shoe stores sell shoe polish kits, although buying one online might offer more selection or a discounted price.

Shoe polish kits may be basic or contain the extras, and many will vary in price. Consider your needs when you choose your shoe polishing kit. If you only own one or two pair of shoes that require regular maintenance, you might not want to spend a lot of money on an elaborate kit that contains items you may never use. A storage box may not be necessary, as basic shoe polish kits often come with some type of travel storage pouch. If you do a lot of traveling, you might do best with a lightweight pouch or zippered bag to hold your polish and accessories.


Conversely, if you need more than the basics, look for a shoe polishing kit that contains some type of hard protective case. For optimal convenience, look for a polishing set that includes a wooden crate that has a built-in footrest. Most wooden shoe valets are durable and protective, and can also make an attractive presentation. The footrest may make your shoe polishing tasks easier as well.

You might find shoe polish kits that contain both pastes and waxes, each with its own advantages. One advantage to using a wax polish is the high gloss shine it typically produces. While this feature can be good, wax might make your shoes feel rigid, or even wear down the leather over time. The paste may offer more protection, although it generally does not produce a high gloss shine. Conditioning lotion or creme is deigned to replenish moisture and keep leather shoes looking supple.

If you choose shoe polish kits that include other useful accessories, it could save you the effort of having to buy them elsewhere. For instance, you may need sponge applicators or shoe shine cloths. In addition, look for a kit that contains a suitable polishing brush made of 100 percent horsehair bristles. In addition, a polishing brush made with an ergonomically designed handle may reduce stress to your wrist and finger joints.


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