How do I Choose the Best Shiatsu Foot Massager?

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A shiatsu foot massager is said to provide relief and relaxation by finding the acupressure points on the foot. The best massager is generally one that is durable, has the most features for the asking price, and requires minimal set-up. There are many shiatsu foot massagers on the market, but sometimes it comes down to personal preference. The feel of the massager on a specific area of the foot, or the way it soothes a particular medical condition, can be the deciding factor.

Generally, the best shiatsu foot massager is convenient and requires very little set-up. Models can widely vary in size and weight, and depending on who will be using the unit, these factors should be considered. If more than one person will be using the unit, portability could also be a factor. A unit that will be used in an area with limited outlets or at a seat a distance away from a wall outlet may require a long cord and cord storage.


Some shaitsu foot massagers encapsulate the foot like a slipper, while others massage from the calves down to the toes in a boot-like apparatus. In many cases, massagers provide acupressure strictly to the soles of feet as they are placed on top of the machine. Shiatsu foot massager heads typically rotate counterclockwise or in a combination of clockwise and counterclockwise motions, depending on the number of rollers on the unit. A unit that encapsulates the foot will help keep the foot in the right place, while pressure and weight are needed to keep feet in place on an open unit.

Features are a strong selling point for shiatsu foot massagers. Many come with a heat function to warm feet while massaging. Some even offer colored lights to show visually whether heat is activated; for those with poor circulation, a visual cue could be very useful. Many massagers are available with easy-touch on/off switches that can be started by the toe, or with remote controls. This makes it very easy to turn on the unit without having to bend down.

When looking for the best shiatsu foot massager, be sure to keep the needs of the user or users in mind. Most shiatsu massagers require a rest period as continuous use can cause the motor to burn out. Generally, these machines typically feature automatic timers to allow the unit time to cool down. Most units automatically shut off after 15 to 20 minutes of continued use.

Many massagers cannot be cleaned. Before use, therefore, feet should be clean and free of lotions and oils. Socks can also be worn to protect the unit. If possible, reading the instruction manual before purchase can help you determine which unit is the best shiatsu foot massager for you.


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Post 4

I have used Shiatsu foot massager. A shiatsu foot massager provides relief and relaxation by finding the acupressure points on the foot.It offers foot massages that can give great therapeutic massage which helps to relax the joints and muscles.

Post 3

I have a back massager that works really well, but it still isn't as good as having a real person doing the massage. There is something therapeutic about the human touch and you can't get that with a machine no matter how good it is.

Post 2

I bought a foot massager thinking that they are all pretty much the same. I know the more expensive ones have more features, but I was looking for a basic machine at a good price. I went to a website and saw what I thought was a good machine. The reviews on the site were good to excellent and the price was reasonable so I bought the massager.

Once the machine arrived, I tried it out immediately and I was disappointed. I had used a friend's shiatsu foot massager before and it was much better than the one I bought. The reviews I read had said that the machine I ordered was great, but I didn't agree.

What I learned is that before you buy one you should go to a website that compares different machines rather than just reading the reviews on one company's website.

Post 1

I am considering buying my girlfriend a foot massager. She absolutely loves having her feet pampered. She chooses where she goes for pedicures based on how good a massage she gets when they do her nails--not necessarily on how well her toenails look. Seriously, she has changed nail salons several times because the foot massages were not long enough or didn't feel good.

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