How do I Choose the Best Sheer Curtains?

B. Miller

To choose the best sheer curtains, you will first want to determine if you want plain sheer fabric panels or if you want sheer lace curtains, both of which can look nice. In addition, you will want to think about the color scheme and decor style of the rest of the room, and be sure to measure the curtains properly to fit the windows. Sheer curtains are basic yet attractive curtains that can look nice in a wide range of decor styles and room types, though they are especially common in bedrooms and living rooms because they tend to give the room a softer appearance.

Measuring the window area will help you decide what size curtains to buy.
Measuring the window area will help you decide what size curtains to buy.

Plain sheer panels are some of the most popular types of sheer curtains; these are straight panels created in one color, and are available in dozens of different colors to match different rooms. Some people even choose to put different colors of sheer panels together on one window to give a more unique look; for instance, a rainbow of bright colors in a children's room is often a fun idea. They are available in different widths and lengths, but most people choose curtains that are at least double the width of the window to make the sheer curtains appear more substantial, and measure them so they fall just past the windowsill.

Lace curtains are another option for sheer curtains, though these tend to be more fancy than the simple sheer panels. Lace curtains may look nice in longer varieties that extend past the windowsill closer to the floor, since they are more formal, but this is also a question of personal preference. Sheer lace and sheer panels are both good curtain choices for the summer, but in the winter some people choose to switch them out for heavier curtains to prevent cold air from coming in through the windows and increasing heating bills.

Since sheer curtains are so popular for bedrooms, there are a number of options designed specifically for kids. These may feature additions such as sequins or printed designs on the curtains, such as moons and stars, and are often available in bright neon colors. Other sheer panels for additional rooms may come in different fabric styles; though the fabric is still sheer, it might feature gathers or other patterns in the fabric to give the curtains more visual interest. Keep all these options in mind when choosing sheer curtains in order to choose the ones that best fit the style you are going for.

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@spotiche5- In my opinion, lace curtains make any room look more formal. I think that this type of curtain will look great in your dining room, and make it feel more formal and modern.

After you remove your old drapes and hang new sheer lace curtains, your room will have a completely different feel that you and your guests will love. Because they are so lacy and summery, you may want to consider layering them with heavier curtains in the fall and winter months. This will add to the formal atmosphere in the room, because you will be able to tie back the heavier curtains to expose the lacy sheers during the day.


Are sheer lace curtains a good option for a formal dining room? I currently have old drapes in my dining room, but I want to create a formal feel to the room with a pretty look.

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