How do I Choose the Best Shed Design?

Dan Cavallari

The best shed design will have your needs and desires in mind, which means, of course, that you need to decide what you will be using the shed for. A simple shed will be perfect for storage of garden tools and lawnmowers, but it may not be the best choice for a small workshop or living space. A shed design with a large layout may be great for a home studio, but it may be overkill for simple storage purposes. The best shed design will fit your needs, your budget, and your space constraints. Choose a shed design that will work for your purposes and it will certainly be the best.

The best shed design will fit a person's needs, budget, and space constraints.
The best shed design will fit a person's needs, budget, and space constraints.

The best shed design will depend largely on your budget and space constraints. If you are planning a large shed — perhaps one that can house a car, or a woodworking shop — you should plan on spending more money. The shed design you choose will have to accommodate space and cost, which means the types of material used may change. Wood sheds are one aesthetically pleasing choice that is both sturdy and easy to build, but it may cost more than it would to build a simple sheet metal shed which can accomplish the same goal. If you will be using your shed for purposes other than storage, you may need to heat the shed and run electricity to it. The best shed designs for these purposes will take this into account and use materials appropriate for insulation.

A simple shed can be made out of sheet metal.
A simple shed can be made out of sheet metal.

Simple sheds for the yard can be purchased prefabricated. These shed designs are perfect for storage of garden tools, or even garbage bins. Simple plastic sheds can be assembled in minutes and are light enough to be moved around the yard if necessary. If mobility is important to you, this may be the best shed design for you. More permanent structures will be made of heavier materials that tend to cost more but also tend to be more durable. A plastic shed will not be the most durable choice. For a compact, durable shed, consider a lean-to shed that has one open face.

If aesthetics is important, consider a gambrel shed plan. These types of sheds are designed to look like a miniature barn; they are functional, spacious, and they look great in a back yard. The gambrel shed has additional storage in the rafters of the shed, so the ground floor can be used for other purposes. It is one of the more multi-functional shed designs you can choose, though it may cost a bit more than other types of sheds because of the additional materials necessary to build it.

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@rundocuri- Like the article says, a wooden shed design will be more costly but will also last longer than cheaper varieties. Some companies make wooden sheds that are already put together. They might be made of fabricated wood, but they are still well-built. This might be the best type of shed for your needs and budget.


I'm looking for the most durable shed for the least cost. I use to have one that was made of metal, but it blew off its foundation during a wind storm. I need a shed for my lawn equipment, tools, and some items I need to store. What is a good shed design for my needs that is still affordable?

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