How Do I Choose the Best Sheath Dress?

Alex Tree

To choose the best sheath dress, find the correct fit and material and pick a dress with enough room in the skirt to accommodate your stride. The fit of the dress is especially important because it defines this kind of dress. Material plays a role in how well the dress fits. A slit or pleats in the skirt of the dress can mean the difference between comfortably walking around and the inability to climb stairs. In addition, there is usually a dress available within all price ranges, so set a budget and go from there.

Part of finding the best sheath dress is understanding how it should fit.
Part of finding the best sheath dress is understanding how it should fit.

Part of choosing the best sheath dress is understanding the fit. A sheath dress that wrinkles at your hips is too tight and should be traded for a size up. In addition, most dresses zip in the back, but this zipper placement is sub-optimal. A dress that zips on the side can give a snugger fit around the waist.

The fabric of a dress is also important to finding the perfect fit. Lightweight fabrics tend to cling to the stomach of people who have noticeable tummies, drawing attention to that area of the body. Somewhat heavy but still stretchy fabrics like wool and linen are best for full-figured people. If you have an hourglass figure with a defined waist, heavier fabrics like tweed and brocade usually do not mold to your figure well enough to retain that definition. In this case, try out thin wools, cotton, or synthetic fabrics.

No matter the fabric or fit of the dress, choose a sheath dress with a slit or pleat in the back. Slits and pleats are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they allow more room to walk. The bottom of a sheath dress is one of its narrowest points, if not the narrowest, which can make walking difficult. There are exceptions to this rule; for example, high-fashion sheath dresses or dresses not closely tailored to the legs sometimes do not have or need slits or pleats.

Lastly, choose a sheath dress within your budget. You may want to set a budget before beginning to shop for the dress. Like any other dress, sheath dresses have a wide range of quality and price. Some are very affordable, while others are expensive, but price is not always an indicator of sheath dress quality. Remember that you can shop online, in brick-and-mortar stores, or both for the best deals.

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