How Do I Choose the Best Shared Office Space?

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Shared office space is a commercial or business office that allows numerous businesses to cooperatively rent the space. It allows business owners to have a professional office space without bearing the entire rental cost. Some of the items or characteristics to look for in shared office space include space options, cost and amenities.

Professional space options in shared office space buildings can range from cubicles and offices to conference rooms. One of the first things you need to decide is how you are going to use the space and how often. If you intend on going into the office every day, just as with any typical job, then you may want to consider buildings that offer shared office space where you can rent a dedicated office.

On the other hand, if you need a space to meet with clients from time to time, then having the ability to rent a conference or meeting room is an option you should seek. If meeting with clients is not necessary, but you simply require a professional environment for your work, then this is where renting a cubicle in a shared office space can come in handy.


The cost of renting the shared office space directly relates to the type of space you want to rent. An office with a door, for example, is typically more expensive than a cubicle. If you rent month to month, then the monthly rental price may be more expensive than if you sign a long-term contract. Some shared office space options allow you to rent on an a la carte basis, so you pay as you go.

Amenities are another major part of choosing a shared office space. Check to see if you can share a receptionist that answers your dedicated business line and either transfers calls to where you are or takes messages for you. You should also identify what equipment and machinery is included in your rental fee.

Generally, shared office spaces provide access to copy machines and fax machines. Cubicles, offices and meeting rooms also tend to be equipped with telephones. Conference rooms may also have audio visual equipment for presentations and meetings. In order to choose the best shared office space for you, it’s important to verify that the space offers all of the options that you need to run your business.


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