How Do I Choose the Best Serving Cart?

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When choosing a serving cart, make sure to consider the quality of construction and height as well as the design. Consider the amount of space you need on the cart and whether one, two or three tiers would best suit your needs. Another consideration to make when choosing a serving cart is where you'll store it when you won't be using it. If you'll be using the cart regularly, look for sturdy wheels that will roll easily on the surfaces in your home or patio.

If the cart is to be used almost daily such as between your kitchen and patio, the wheels should be able to move easily between flooring, the doorway and decking. Otherwise, there's more of a chance that drinks or foods may be spilled on the cart, which makes a mess rather than offers you ease and convenience. To help prevent spills, you may want to choose a serving cart with cup holders as well as a lip or rim around the tray surface. If you plan on storing the cart outdoors most of the time, look for one made to stand up to the effects of the weather.


For a more elegant dinner party cart, consider choosing one that is stylish enough to be kept in your dining room. For instance, a circular metal and glass serving cart may double as a table to hold plants or flowers by a dining room window when it's not being used for entertaining. If you'll be rolling the cart into a carpeted living or dining room, make sure the wheels will move easily. While a three-tiered cart will hold the most, such as three plates of appetizers, think about which style will best suit your needs and the types of foods and drinks you serve.

Look for a handle height that is comfortable, or it can be stressful to your back and shoulder muscles to use the serving cart. If different people will be using the cart, it's a good idea to choose one with an adjustable handle to make custom height adjustments. Test different serving carts in person before making your decision.

By buying a serving cart in person, especially in a store that has floor models set up to try, you can get a better idea of the quality of the construction. A wobbly cart isn't going to be great at all for transporting foods and drinks; look for a solid, sturdy design. A final consideration is the noise of the cart. Pick one with quiet wheel assemblies.


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