How Do I Choose the Best Seltzer Water?

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Choosing the best seltzer water can be tricky, as you can choose from flavored carbonated water, naturally carbonated sparkling water, and plain carbonated water. The price of seltzer water varies significantly depending on the variety you choose. Some people prefer sparkling water that has minerals such as calcium or magnesium in it. You may not care about mineral content, however, and simply want a water that tastes good to you. Another option is to try making carbonated water at home.

There are generally two types of seltzer water. The first type is water that naturally contains a lot of minerals and is naturally carbonated. "Seltzer" actually refers to the name of a river in Germany that produces sparkling, mineral water. The other type of seltzer is water that has been carbonated by human ingenuity. Usually, this water does not have much mineral content.

Some natural seltzer waters can have a high amount of sodium, which you may find off-putting, both in terms of taste and for health reasons. If you have high blood pressure, it may be advisable to avoid a water with a lot of sodium in it. You may also prefer the crisp taste of a water that does not have a lot of minerals in it at all. Your best option is to purchase small bottles of several types of water and sample them.


In some cases, you can drink flavored seltzer water. A flavored water may be a good option if you are trying to drink less sugary soda or diet soda. You can choose from flavors such as lemon, orange, or berry. Usually, flavored seltzer does not have calories or added sugar. Some people find that flavored sparkling water tastes too artificial.

Cost may be a concern when choosing a seltzer water. Mineral waters imported from Europe or other countries often cost two or three times more than a bottle of soda water with a local label on it. Whether you choose to drink an imported water or a domestic water depends on your budget.

Another option is to try to make your own seltzer water at home. Soda makers add carbonation to water from your tap. They come with cartridges of carbon dioxide that you will need to replace when empty and a reusable plastic bottle. Investing in a home soda maker may be a good idea only if you drink a lot of seltzer, as the initial cost of the soda maker can be high.


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