How do I Choose the Best Segway Tours?

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Since Segway tours are unique in that they involve each person riding on a two-wheeled, open, stand-on motorized scooter, this should be kept in mind when you're deciding on your best touring options. If you're not entirely sure whether you or someone else in your party will be able to stand this way in the open air for a long tour, it's best to begin with one of the shorter trips. Besides choosing the city in which you'd like to tour on a personal Segway vehicle, it's also important to decide what parts of the area you want to sightsee most, as well as when you'd like to go.


There are usually both daytime and nighttime Segway tours available in cities in which these excursions are offered, so this choice can give you some flexibility in your trip planning. If you think that you may be too tired in the evening to really enjoy a Segway tour, it's best to plan for an earlier time. As a general rule, night tours are best in cities with many attractive lights for people who enjoy that kind of view. Otherwise, the sightseeing trip could prove disappointing for those tourists who would rather see everything more clearly in the daylight. A good Segway tour for those who do want an evening excursion in Paris, France, may be a guided tour of the lights of the city along the Seine River that includes views of the Louvre, Palais Royal and the Ritz Hotel.

If you or someone you're traveling would prefer to tour in the daytime to see points of interest, a trip that includes the must-see monuments of the particular city, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire in Paris, can be an excellent choice. Segway tours to famous buildings and monuments can be a great idea since the view is much clearer than trying to look through bus or car windows. Remember, however, that since Segways are open air mini vehicles, a tour may be canceled if weather conditions are bad. A particular Segway tour may not operate in even light rain, windy or foggy conditions. It's advisable to book ahead but have the guide's contact information to check with him or her right before the tour.

During your initial vacation planning, it's also a good idea to check whether a Segway tour you're interested in is set to continue during the time of your stay in a certain city. Segway tours, like most other tourist excursions, are subject to change at any time. To make your tour on a Segway vehicle enjoyable, get the rules from the guide ahead of time to make sure your party meets the stipulated age and other requirements.


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