How Do I Choose the Best Security Guard Courses?

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In order for you to choose the best security guard courses, you will need to pick a particular field of security on which to concentrate the focus of your studies. Both physical as well as mental, electronic security guard courses can offer armed and unarmed security training. You will want to verify that the security guard courses are certified and will result in your certification upon successful completion of the course work. You might wish to take courses that offer classroom as well as real-world education in the form of an internship with a security company on an actual security job site.

Physical security guard courses involve the manning of a security check point, patrol of a building or buildings either by foot, automobile or a combination of both, as well as monitoring a controlled access entryway through the verification of identification badges, card or papers. The best security guard courses offer classroom courses that simulate this type of activity as well as the proper responses for a variety of different scenarios. It is not uncommon for a quality course to include actual training with a certified security guard as you work and study while performing security guard duties as a trainee or apprentice.


Electronic security guard courses include the monitoring of alarms, video camera images and call-in alarms. Several different types of electronic security are involved in today's high-tech security guard courses. A security guard will often respond to an alarm, and at other times, will be required to notify other responders, including medical, fire and police agencies. The best security guard courses will offer training in both areas, as well as real world training with an actual call/response center. The best courses offer training in different methods to respond to callers, how to calm excited callers in order to extract important information, and how to effectively relay the pertinent information to first responders.

At the end of a quality course, the successful student will be awarded a certificate of achievement as well as proof of successful completion that will allow the pursuit of employment within the security field. The better courses will offer an employment opportunity upon successful completion of the security guard courses. You might wish to examine this opportunity if you wish to begin a security career, but have no prospective employment leads. Other courses might include a type of hiring fair as part of the security job training. This may be a wise choice for you if you would like to examine the various opportunities within the security field that could be open to you.


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