How do I Choose the Best Seasonal Retail Job?

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There are several factors to consider when trying to choose the best seasonal retail job. While many people are aware that there are usually many positions available during the winter holiday shopping season, some may overlook other opportunities that exist throughout the rest of the year, especially during the summer. Some factors that can help someone choose a job are his or her age, schedule, and the potential pay rate of the job. It might also help to consider opportunities that could turn into long-term, future employment, or at least provide the employee with positive references. Another suggestion for selecting a seasonal retail job is to start the search as early as possible, in order to have the most options.

One type of seasonal retail job that is familiar to many people is a temporary job during the holiday shopping season. People of all ages and levels of experience tend to apply for these positions. In Europe and the US, for instance, stores often hire extra personnel from November until after the new year, in anticipation of a higher customer volume during the traditional winter holidays. Shops usually look for people to fill various positions, like cashiers, customer service representatives, and stock people. To find additional opportunities, it might help to think beyond the traditional department store or mall jobs. Toy stores, discount stores, arts and craft stores, photo studios, and pharmacies are all examples of retailers that regularly hire extra help for the holidays.


Other retail options can include food and beverage merchants. Two examples are coffee shops and gourmet candy stores. In addition, some shops hire seasonal help to perform in-store product demonstrations. The postal service is yet another business that typically experiences a higher demand for sales help around holidays. An increase in the amount of cards and packages being mailed could lead to a seasonal retail job as a postal clerk.

Someone seeking a summer seasonal job also has numerous options. Amusement and theme parks are generally busy during warmer months, so they often need extra retail help. Most have souvenir shops and food vendors, both of which could provide seasonal jobs for students and others seeking temporary employment. Hotels and cruise ships usually have gift shops as well. If someone prefers to stay closer to home, a local option could be flea or farmers’ markets, both of which tend to experience higher traffic during the summer.

Career experts generally suggest that someone seeking a seasonal retail job start his or her search as early as possible. They recommend that a job-hunter treat each application seriously, and find the position that is the best fit for him or her. Many people often find that, after performing well in a temporary job, they are able to remain with their employers in a long-term or permanent position.


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