How Do I Choose the Best Screwdriver Set?

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The best screwdriver set for you may not always be the best set in general, or the most appropriate for other types of workers or hobbyists. You will first need to decide how you are most likely to use the screwdrivers, as this will dictate what lengths and types you will need to have included in the screwdriver set. It is usually best to choose a set that includes a variety of sizes and functions; some sets even include drivers with replaceable or interchangeable bits, further adding to the versatility of the included units.

People who will be working on automobiles may need exceptionally long screwdrivers to reach screws mounted deep into the engine compartment. If this is the case, an automotive screwdriver set may be most appropriate. This set may include a very long Phillips-head screwdriver as well as a very short, stubby head-head driver. The longer driver is useful for reaching screws deep in the engine compartment, and the shorter driver is useful for reaching screws in very tight spots, of which there are many in an engine compartment. Flathead screwdrivers may be useful for auto repair, though they are used less often than head-head drivers and may or may not be included in an automotive screwdriver set.


The handles of the drivers will be an important consideration when choosing a screwdriver set as well. Some handles are made of wood, while others are made of plastic, rubber, or even metal. Electricians will want to choose a screwdriver set that features rubber or plastic handles, as these will insulate shocks well should electricity course through the driver at any point. Durable handles are essential, as a screwdriver with a broken handle is essentially useless, or at least very difficult to use effectively. Should any part of the driver break, be sure the screwdriver set includes a lifetime or extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Some sets will include a torx driver as well. This driver is star-shaped and is designed for use specifically with torx screws and bolts. If you are likely to encounter such bolts in your projects, be sure this type of driver is included in the set. Sometimes this driver, as well as other screwdrivers in the set, will include a ratcheting function that will allow you to keep the bit of the driver on the bolt or screw at all times. This prevents the screw or bolt from falling, and it makes the screwing process much quicker.


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