How Do I Choose the Best Salon Trolleys?

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Choosing the best salon trolley depends on your needs, including style, price, and storage necessities. It's also important to consider the space where you plan to use the trolley since that will dictate what size you can purchase. There are many different types of salon trolleys available through catalogs and Internet retailers and in some salon supply stores.

In order to find the best salon trolleys, first determine the size of trolley your space can accommodate. Measure depth and width as well as height, especially if the trolley will be stowed under a salon vanity or table. If you don't have a dedicated salon vanity work area, consider choosing a salon trolley that is made for portability, including wheels, locking drawers, and a detachable section which can serve a small workcase.

Other than the size of the space, your overall storage needs will decide the size of your salon trolley. If you offer a variety of cosmetic services, like hair-cutting and coloring, nail care, and eyelash extensions, you probably need quite a bit of space. Don't forget that you may also have to store large tools, like hair dryers, which take up a considerable amount of space.


Some salon trolleys are made with a specific type of service in mind, like hair coloring, and offer specially designed storage solutions for that service. There are also salon trolleys with flat table tops, which may or may not have tool holes to provide easy access to curling irons, hair dryers, and other items. Some also come with integrated electrical outlets.

Salons often have specific rules about what types of products the stylists can purchase for work. If you are an employee, check with your supervisor for any guidelines about the salon trolleys. There may be color or design characteristics that the salon owner requires to ensure that the salon's atmosphere is uniform.

Finally, decide on your budget. You will probably find, while shopping, that larger vanities with more storage and additional features are more expensive. Consider your actual needs and try to find the best deal available. If your budget is especially tight, search classified advertisements for second-hand vanities in good condition. Previously used equipment is typically discounted from the retail price.

Once you have a clear idea of your needs and your budget, shop online or through catalogs for a fast and effective way to compare salon trolleys. Item descriptions often list exact measurements, number and size of drawers, and any additional features or options available for the product. In some cases, you can even sort your search results based on your requirements, saving yourself both time and effort.

When you find a product that fits your needs, find out if it is available at a local store. If that is the case, visit the store and inspect the salon trolley. Try out the drawers and move it about to see if it maneuvers well. Make sure its hardware is well attached and easy to use.

If you can't find a trolley that you like in a brick and mortar store, make sure the online or catalog company that you order the trolley from has a good return policy. Check for restocking fees, which deduct a percentage from the refund or an exchange only policy. If possible, find a company that allows at least 30 days to return an item and that offers free shipping both ways.


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