How Do I Choose the Best Salon Aprons?

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The best salon aprons should be chosen only after considering many factors, such as style, the number needed, and functional aspects including the number of pockets. There are different types of aprons for salons, and determining what kind you need is important. Some aprons can be purchased in bulk, while other aprons are purchased individually and emphasize uniqueness. Considering the number of pockets and factors such as a waterproof lining may be a good idea as well.

Some salon aprons are designed exclusively for the purpose of protecting the clothing of salon employees. The items sometimes will not have any sort of fashionable element and will have a solid color and simple design. Protective aprons are often waterproof as well. Extra-long salon aprons are also available to provide maximum clothing protection. Think about what would be best for you and your employees.

Many aprons for salons emphasize style over function. Bold colors or patterns are often employed to create a unique look. Some salons create a distinctive or fun atmosphere in a salon by letting each stylist to choose his or her own apron, allowing employees to display their individuality.


Aprons are often considered an essential part of salon supplies. The owner or manager of a salon may wish to purchase a large number of aprons for employees to use, which can make the cost of salon aprons an important factor. Buying fashionable aprons in bulk can be more expensive than buying a quantity of aprons with basic designs. Balancing price and style can be accomplished by making a thorough investigation into what is available from a variety of retailers. By looking through catalogs of salon products and researching the stock of Internet vendors, you may find useful information concerning the cost of certain apron features and styles.

Your aprons may be customized to feature the name or logo of the salon as well. These aprons can be made individually or can be produced in bulk. Some salon owners or managers feel that aprons that feature the name or logo of the business can add a professional touch. In addition to the salon name or logo, the names of employees may be included on the aprons.

When selecting the best salon aprons for your business, it could be important to consider the number of pockets an apron will have. Useful salon tools, such as combs, scissors, hairspray, or spritzer bottles can be stored in the apron pockets for easy access, which can be helpful for employees. Some salon aprons have no pockets, creating a sleek look. Many aprons, however, have pockets that can be useful for stylists to use while on the job, especially flat pockets with wide openings.


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