How Do I Choose the Best Rye Grass Seed?

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In order to choose the best rye grass seed, you have to decide if want an annual rye grass, a perennial rye grass, or a mixture of rye grass and another type of grass. Annual rye grass has to be planted every year but is easy to use and helpful in several different applications. Perennial rye grass is a permanent planting that will continue to grow all year, but it can only be used in certain climates. A combination of rye grass and another grass can give you the benefits of both grasses and may be the best choice for some areas.

Annual rye grass seed is ideal, in many situations, for overseeding an existing grass in order to have winter growth. These seeds germinate quickly, which means that you can simply spread them around the area without any tilling or digging of the ground. This feature combined with rye grass' ability to grow well in colder climates, makes it good to use during winter when your existing grass goes dormant. The rye grass will prevent erosion and give you winter growth while still allowing your existing grass to regrow when the weather warms up. Annual rye grass seed can also be used in pastures, but if you use it for this purpose, make sure you get a seed that is specifically meant for use in pastures and not a variety that is meant for lawns.


Perennial rye grass seed is used for permanent growth in lawns or other landscaped areas, such as parks or golf courses. In the right area, perennial rye grass can provide a dense turf grass that grows well by itself or with other vegetation. Perennial rye grass is right for you if you want grass that grows all year for multiple years and if you live in an area where the climate is cool enough for rye grass to flourish. It is important to check seeding zones when you buy your rye grass seed and to make sure that you are planting your seeds in an area where the weather is conducive to growing perennial rye grass.

For some areas, a combination of rye grass seed and another type of seed provides the perfect combination of characteristics. Rye grass is often found mixed with Kentucky bluegrass or other prairie or turf grasses. The multiple kinds of grass work together to provide a growth that is strong and durable and that may be more dense than any of the grasses would be on their own. This kind of combination can also allow one grass to rest or go dormant during a time when another type is growing so that you always have growth without having to overseed. If you decide that a mixture works best for your area, make sure that you note all of the types of grass in the mix so that you can make sure that you have the right growing conditions for all of the grasses.


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