How do I Choose the Best Rustic Chandelier?

Tara Barnett

A room with a rustic theme often feels like a visit to a log cabin or even the old West. Lighting can play a large role in the overall look of any home, and a beautiful rustic chandelier can help make a room really fit together. Many people enjoy the look of a rustic chandelier made from other traditionally Western items, such as wagon wheels. Others find that materials such as wood and iron serve best to subtly complete a rustic look. No matter what kind of rustic chandelier one chooses, it is important to make sure that the fixture fits aesthetically in the room.

Rustic chandeliers may be made using moose, elk or deer antlers.
Rustic chandeliers may be made using moose, elk or deer antlers.

One kind of rustic chandelier that is both simple and beautiful uses cut metal backed with fabric or paper to create lovely panoramic scenes when the light is turned on. These rustic chandeliers often feature trees, animals, and mountains. A slight variation includes no backing behind the metal, meaning that the images are less clear but that the metal takes on an artistic look.

Some chandeliers incorporate antique lanterns.
Some chandeliers incorporate antique lanterns.

If one is looking for a rustic chandelier that does not actually include rustic scenes, a chandelier made of rustic items may be a good match. Wagon wheels are common, but these can be very large and may require a very tall and roomy space. Horseshoe chandeliers can be both subtle and beautiful, giving a room a rustic feel without overwhelming the space. Chandeliers made entirely of antlers and animal bones can also provide a room with a rustic feel but can be frightening or offensive to guests.

The actual lights used on a chandelier can do a lot to make its design feel rustic. Fake candles, particularly those that flicker, can help set the mood of the room. Some chandeliers incorporate antique lanterns into the chandelier. Leather lampshades, thick stitching, and other details can turn an otherwise average chandelier into a centerpiece. Paying attention to detail can be a big help when trying to choose the best rustic chandelier, so it is a good idea to go to a physical store where the item can be inspected if possible.

Many people find that more traditional or subtle designs fit better in spaces that are only slightly rustic. Simple chandeliers made of wood can fit beautifully in rustic design schemes. Iron chandeliers are common features of most lighting stores and may not appear rustic at first glance, but when paired with rustic decor they look very appropriate. Choosing the best rustic chandelier involves finding a good fit, but it may also be a good idea to consider a design that will fit well with possible future decor themes so that the chandelier will not have to be replaced.

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