How do I Choose the Best Running Pedometer?

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There are several types of running pedometer products to choose from and several factors must be considered when selecting the right one for your needs. It is important to consider where the pedometer will be attached to the clothing or shoes, as well as whether or not the device is digital or manual. Many running pedometers are also equipped with all kinds of additional features, such as keeping track of the runner's heart rate, providing printouts of the exercise session, and having a reset option for each run. These devices are available from a wide variety of specialty shops, sporting goods stores, as well as some department stores. You can easily access specific information about running pedometer options you are interested in online or from sporting good store's staff.

Each type of running pedometer is designed to attach to the clothing or shoes of the runner for convenience and stability. For the runner who wants to monitor the number of steps taken and other important information during the run, it is advised to choose a product that is can be attached to the waist or is set in a wrist or arm band for easy viewing. Many of these models are digital to provide easy to read numbers and information. Some pedometers are made to be attached to the athlete's shoe and can be looked at during breaks or after the running session. The type of model chosen depends on the preferences and needs of the runner.


Although they are becoming increasingly difficult to find, manual running pedometers are still a popular choice for the person who either does not enjoy technology or simply finds the manual models more convenient. The manual pedometer options are designed to count the number of steps or the distance covered during each session. Digital pedometers can be simple or complex and can be found with a wide variety of user friendly features, such as large faces for easy reading and built in memory for tracking your long term progress.

Manufacturers have introduced a large number of running pedometer products with specialized features to meet almost any need you could have on the track or road. Some models are equipped with data and graphing technology to provide an on-going and accurate indication of performance. Many running pedometer products are also equipped to be calibrated for running or walking speeds, providing greater exercise options and specific information.


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