How do I Choose the Best Rubber Stamps for Card Making?

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Card making can be done with any kind of rubber stamp, but there are some designs that are easier to integrate into cards than others. For instance, many cards include written messages related to holidays, so choosing stamps that are seasonal may be a good idea. Choosing the best rubber stamps for card making depends on the recipient, the occasion, and one's personal tastes. Precisely which rubber stamps for card making are best depends on one's artistic preferences.

Most people who use rubber stamps for card making have a particular recipient in mind when making the card. As such, considering what the recipient would enjoy is a large part of choosing the best stamps. A person who likes animals might enjoy receiving a card decorated with stamps of animals, whereas a person who likes sports might enjoy receiving a sports-themed card. Handmade cards are labors of love, and every thoughtfully selected stamp will make the recipient enjoy the card even more.

The occasion also matters when choosing the stamps. Sometimes, it is helpful to choose stamps that apply directly to a holiday, such as Valentine's Day stamps with hearts on them. It is also possible to combine thematically appropriate stamps with word stamps in order to create interesting and flexible designs. Some people prefer rubber stamps for card making that have the names of holidays on one stamp, while others prefer alphabet stamps that can be used to write any text.


Design preferences are also important when choosing rubber stamps. Making cards is art, and all people have different ideas about what art looks best. One person might choose stamps in a highly traditional style, while another might choose abstract shapes. Rubber stamps come in all kinds of designs, and if one cannot find a design that fits one's personal aesthetic, it is even possible to make or order a custom rubber stamp.

Choosing the best rubber stamps for card making can be difficult, but one thing to consider is what stamps one already has. Part of choosing stamps is thinking about how those stamps work together, and having a stamp library that can create a wide variety of designs is important. Having some text stamps, some border stamps, and some picture stamps in basic designs may be useful because then one can simply add additional stamps to the basic library when need be. It is important to choose flexible stamps in order to accommodate situations in which one does not have time to run to the store before one needs to make a card.


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