How do I Choose the Best Round Rugs?

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You may be able to find a good deal and decent selection of round rugs at department stores, but if you're looking for unique creations, you might want to find a dealer. You'll generally find the best selections at specialty stores that sell only carpeting, rugs, and floor coverings. This type of store will employ knowledgeable sales agents who can offer expert advice when shopping for round rugs of various types. Look for quality and durability in a new round rug. Consider the materials used, as well as care and maintenance before making your final choice.

To choose the most suitable round rugs, decide whether you want antique rugs, braided rugs, or simple accent rugs. Antique rugs will be more costly and generally won't be found at your local department store. You might find these at auctions or online.

If you're buying an expensive antique rug, be sure to receive a warranty. You should also determine if refunds are accepted. Most likely, the sale of a rug purchased at an auction will be final and non-refundable.

Materials used to make a rug should influence your final decision. Most Oriental round rugs will be hand woven using various wools or cotton, or a blend of rayon, polyester, and other synthetic fibers. You may prefer wool for its luxurious feel and texture, but this material will generally be more costly. Wool will require less maintenance, so consider this factor as well.


Generally, you will have the option of buying a handmade rug or one constructed by machine. Handmade rugs may reflect a unique and personal touch, but the cost may be higher. If you decide on a handmade rug, select one with a high knot count. Comparison shopping is a good idea.

If you want a shag rug for your modern bedroom, match the color to your room decor. For a masculine look, such as in a bachelor's apartment, consider a leather shag rug. This type of rug will require professional cleaning and is not recommend for heavy traffic areas.

Finally, consider the type of care and cleaning the round rugs you purchase will require. Rugs that can be cleaned at home using store-bought cleaning solutions offer convenience. If the manufacturer does not recommend the use of carpet cleaners, however, you may have to incur extra expense of having your rugs cleaned professionally.


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