How do I Choose the Best Round House Plans?

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The best round house plans will cater to your needs and your budget, so you will need to research several different round house plans before settling on one that will work best for you. Consider the costs of the materials, size, and construction methods of the round house and determine whether it is within your budget; if it is not, determine if the plans are easily modified to fit your budget while retaining the integrity of the overall structure. Most importantly, be sure to choose round house plans that will comply with all local or regional zoning laws.

The size of the house will also have a significant impact on the round house plans you choose. Smaller structures meant for camps or other small spaces will often be much simpler, cheaper to construct, and in some cases, temporary. A yurt, for example, can be built out of temporary, lightweight materials such as felt and light woods, or they can be built with heavier duty materials meant to be permanent. A yurt is a small round structure appropriate for camping spots or small parcels of land, and for the budget-conscious builder, it is a great choice for a structure built without breaking the bank.


Round house plans may also feature modifications that actually make the structure hexagonal rather than round. Both designs are often designed for energy efficiency as well as space savings, and a hexagonal house may make space savings even easier. Construction may also be much easier, since angles are easier to construct than curves. The ease of construction can also cut down on construction costs, so when considering round house plans, be sure to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of true round houses versus hexagonal houses.

Consider the roof of the structure carefully as well, as this can have an impact on aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost. Some round house plans call for a peaked, conical roof, while others feature domes or other curved structures. Research the advantages and disadvantages of each structure, and be sure to analyze the cost of each structure carefully. Choose the design that fits your budget and building preferences best; do not forget to consider how the structure will look in relation to the surrounding areas, as this may have an impact on the type of roof you choose.

Most importantly, consider how practical and functional the structure will be once completed. Find out if the plans include a garage, if the total floor space is enough to accommodate your family, if windows and doors are placed strategically to take advantage of natural lighting, and if drainage is addressed properly in the plans.


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