How Do I Choose the Best Roast Beef Marinade?

Robyn Little

To choose the best roast beef marinade, you should first determine the exact type of flavor you want to create. The great thing about roast beef marinades is that you can choose from hundreds of flavors to suit your taste. Roast beef acts as a sponge and soaks up the flavor of the marinade. It can be helpful to try several recipes or formulation to determine which one you like best. You also should consider the side dishes that will be served with the roast beef.

Using an acidic marinade will help tenderize the tough texture of the roast.
Using an acidic marinade will help tenderize the tough texture of the roast.

Choosing the right seasonings depends mostly on personal taste preference. The possibilities are many. You might prefer a smoky barbecue flavored marinade, citrus-based marinade or even a spicy international type of marinade to suit your exotic taste buds. It depends on the flavor you are looking for from your meat. The best roast beef marinade recipes typically have rich flavors that deeply penetrate the meat. This includes barbecue sauce or Worcestershire sauce as well as vinegar and wine-based marinades.

Citrus is a popular ingredient in roast beef marinade.
Citrus is a popular ingredient in roast beef marinade.

Roast is a thicker cut of meat, so it’s best to select a marinade that has an acidic base, such as citrus or vinegar, to tenderize the roast. The acidic element adds not only flavor, it also contains an enzyme that helps achieve a tender roast and makes the meat more enjoyable and appetizing. This allows the selection of a meat that might normally be a tougher cut of meat. After the right acid-base marinade has been applied for as long as 24 hours, the meat will be fully tenderized.

The only way to really know the best marinade for you is to try out recipes. The Internet is full of recipe websites that have marinade recipes. Many of them offer a feature that allows other cooks to offer their review of how good the marinade is. This is valuable information as you select the best roast beef marinade and is a great way to know before you even make the roast beef marinade whether it might be to your liking.

Another consideration when you are choosing the best roast beef marinade is what side dishes will accompany the roast beef itself. If you are serving something with a more ethnic flair and seasonings, make sure the marinade you choose matches the style of cuisine that you chose for the overall meal. For a rather plain side dish, such as a baked potato, it might be wise to select a more lively marinade to liven up the overall meal with the marinade of the roast beef. On the other hand, if you select lively and tasty side dishes for your meal, your roast marinade might be best toned down so that it doesn’t overpower the other parts of the meal.

Be sure not to over-marinate the roast beef. The highly acidic homemade marinades that work best for roast beef should be used for no more than 24 hours. If beef is marinaded for longer than 24 hours, it could become mushy and unappetizing.

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