How Do I Choose the Best Rifle Scope Ring?

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In order for you to choose the best rifle scope ring, you will need to examine several factors, from price to manufacturing process. The best rifle scope ring is often the one that not only fits within your budget, but also maintains your weapon's zero the best; to zero a weapon is the act of sighting it in to consistently hit the proper mark. When your rifle does hit its mark, it is considered zeroed. Not all rings are created equal and you must often choose from between the type of material the rifle scope ring is made of when you attempt to choose the best ring for your weapon.

The best scope is only as accurate as the scope rings that secure it to the weapon. There are typically two sizes of rifle scope rings to choose from, with each size corresponding to the tube size of your scope. You must match your rings to the size of the scope tube, choosing either a small or large size. Using the wrong-sized ring on a scope can be damaging to your scope, especially if you try to force the rings to fit. There are also three types of material that most rings are made of: mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with several types of finishes offered for each.


When searching for the very best rifle scope ring, you may want to choose a steel version over an aluminum version of ring. Some users feel that a steel ring offers the best performance and holds a round shape better, without becoming oval-shaped. Often, the best rifle scope ring is manufactured using a process known as extrusion. The extrusion process forces the ring material through a die with all rings being sliced from the material as it exits the die. This process tends to create the most identical rings, thereby offering the best accuracy.

There is, however, one drawback to this process for some shooters: the extrusion process will not work with steel rings. Aluminum is the only material that can be extruded. Steel rings are created by molding or machining, with both processes offering more variance in manufacturing. It is also often desirable to choose the type of rifle scope ring that mounts the scope the closest to the weapon's barrel. The scope that is positioned the closest to the barrel is often considered to not only be the easiest to bring into alignment with the shooter's eye, but also the most accurate for long-distance shooting.


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