How do I Choose the Best Rifle Scope Bases?

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The best rifle scope bases mount the scope as close to the rifle's barrel as possible. When shopping for rifle scope bases, avoid bases that mount the scope high above the barrel, such as see-through scope mounts. If possible, always purchase quick-release rifle scope bases over those that are permanently fastened to the rifle. The quick-release mounts are typically more expensive; however, when traveling or cleaning the rifle, these rifle scope bases are accurate once returned to the rifle and avoid timely re-sighting. Single rifle scope bases are typically more accurate than two-piece designs and are preferred by most shooters.

While the job of a scope base would appear to be a simple one, most shooters have a particular favorite when it comes to styles. It is agreed by many top shooters that bringing the scope down is the preferred method for mounting an optic on a rifle. Some rifle scope bases are elevated in an attempt to give the shooter a more comfortable position for sighting and firing the weapon. Most experts argue that this is an improper method of positioning the shooter's eyes at a higher level. In order to purchase the best scope bases for the weapon, it is recommended to bring the scope down with lower mounts and elevate the eyes with a taller comb on the rifle's stock.


Most scope bases are designed for permanently mounting a scope on the weapon. The highest-quality rifle scope bases use a design that permits the scope to be easily removed and returned while remaining very accurate. This is extremely appreciated by shooters who frequently travel with their weapons. Many law enforcement and military units also equip their weapons with this higher-quality style of scope base. In situations which require deadly accuracy without time to sight in, these rifle scope bases are mandatory.

In applications where a quality scope base is required, but the highest level of performance is not, a single-piece base should always be chosen over a multi-piece unit if the choice is available. A one-piece mounting base is usually more accurate and easier to fit to a scope than a two-piece mounting base. A two-piece base can be fastened to a rifle with one piece slightly out of line with the other half of the base. Single-piece rifle scope bases are machined from a single piece of steel or aluminum; therefore, the mounting grooves are always in line with each other on the front and back.


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