How do I Choose the Best Rice Protein Powder?

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A daily diet should include a balance of vitamins, mineral, proteins, carbohydrates, and quality fats. Some vegetarians choose to take protein supplements to support their daily protein needs. The two most prominent non-animal based protein supplements are rice and soy. Typically a good rice protein powder is made from isolated protein found in brown rice. This type of protein is easily digestible and considered a hypoallergenic version of protein.

There are five primary types of protein powder available. These are whey, egg, soy, casein, and rice. Each type of protein is created in a manner as to produce sufficient supplemental advantages. Rice and soy protein powder are currently the only two versions that are made 100 percent from vegetables. These are a good protein supplement for vegetarians.

Rice protein is often used in health care facilities to feed infants and elderly people. This type of protein has the flavor and texture of fine-grained cream-of-wheat. Rice protein powder is a good source of quality protein, which has fewer reported allergic side effects than other proteins.

Many individuals require a gluten-free diet to account for digestive problems with wheat, barley, and rye-based products. Rice protein powder is a gluten-free, vegetable-based protein. This makes it a good choice for an individual with intestinal disorders.


One of the benefits of rice protein is the taste. Because brown rice has a mild flavor, most rice-based protein powders have a relatively good taste. Most rice-based protein powders are available in the normal shake flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Rice protein powder is a more expensive option for people buying a protein supplement. Rice protein has less protein per serving than other animal-based protein supplements. This makes it more expensive than other protein supplements on the market. Most rice protein powders are sold in smaller packages so they each cost about the same as the larger whey protein powders.

Animal-based protein supplements ingest into the bloodstream faster than vegetable-based supplements. This makes rice protein powders less popular for professional body builders. While rice protein does offer the benefits of many amino acids, the slower ingestion attributes make it a better protein for snacks.

Rice-based protein supplements are typically limited to the rice protein powders. It is rare to find snack bars or pre-packaged shakes made from this form of protein. This is because of the limited value obtained from this form of protein for body builders.


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I need to gain 15 pounds. how do I do that with protein powder?

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Don't forget about hemp protein! Considered by many to be superior to all of the others mentioned in this article.

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