How Do I Choose the Best Retro Toaster?

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A nostalgic retro toaster can be a nice kitchen appliance to add to the decor of a kitchen. When shopping for this type of toaster, it is key to consider three main factors: design, function, and price. Durability and settings are also important features in the decision. A retro toaster should not only look great, but the quality of the materials used should be high to be sure the toaster has a long life.

There are many retro toasters that have great designs, but the function may not be so good. If the toaster will be used for toasting bread and not just used as an art piece, it is important that it function properly. Some toasters have wider toast cages to fit full-sized bagels. Considering what type of bread will be toasted before purchasing a retro toaster would be wise. The average toaster does not have a cage for toasting bagel-sized bread, so if this is an important feature, it should be looked for specifically when shopping for a retro toaster.


A retro toaster is designed to reflect a certain time period in the past. There are many different types of retro toasters that replicate designs from the 1950s through the 1980s. These toasters appeal to those interested in nostalgic designs for their kitchen appliances. They can range in color depending on the period they are replicating. In the 1950s, pastel colors such as turquoise, pale yellow, and pale blue were popular, but in the 1970s, bright colors such as red, orange, and green were used widely in toaster designs.

Many retro toasters are highly functioning with features and settings that are modern. This gives the owner the best benefits of both eras. The design is retro, while the function and technology is modern. These types of toasters are popular for those interested in high-quality designs with modern conveniences. These toasters can be paired with modern appliances to add some color and design, or they can add to an existing retro-designed kitchen.

The materials used in a retro toaster determine its quality, functions, and settings available. The more settings the toaster has, the higher the prices tend to be. High-quality metals are typically priced higher than low-quality metals. The higher-quality toasters tend to last longer and are more durable than the low-quality toasters.


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