How Do I Choose the Best Restaurant Cutlery?

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For a professional chef or restaurant owner, choosing the best restaurant cutlery depends on several factors. Most cooking professionals learn over time, with experience, what makes the best choice in kitchen cutlery. When choosing restaurant cutlery, chefs consider how the cutlery will be used, what size cutlery the restaurant needs, what materials are used to make the cutlery, and how much the cutlery costs. Replacement cost and special features also must be considered when choosing restaurant cutlery.

How restaurant cutlery will be used in cooking practices generally determines what type is chosen. For example, the professional cutlery used to cut vegetables is different than the knives used to cut meat. To choose the best kitchen tools, consider how they'll be used and select the right restaurant cutlery for each job, big or small.

When choosing the best restaurant cutlery, consider what size utensils are needed to do the job. Select knives that fit in the hand comfortably and have a good balance in the handle. Cutlery can become cumbersome and even dangerous if it is too large for the average cook to handle. Likewise, be sure to pick knives that are heavy enough to cut through tough foods.


Cost and quality are also important to consider when choosing kitchen knives. If a knife needs to be replaced and it’s made of a simple material, like stainless steel, it can generally be replaced for less than a custom cutlery set. A more elaborate set of cutlery, such as those made out of metal and wood combinations, may be harder and more expensive to replace if one piece is lost or damaged.

Lastly, a way to choose the best restaurant cutlery is to consider the features of each set. Some cutlery comes with unusual cutting edges, handles, or connections that can make the knives difficult to use or replace. Choose a set of kitchen cutlery or silverware that can be maintained through routine sharpening and won’t be hard to find in the future.


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