How do I Choose the Best Replacement Toothbrush Heads?

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The best replacement toothbrush heads are ones that both work well and fit on the base of the toothbrush to which they are attached. In most cases, replacement toothbrush heads are used to top electric toothbrushes. Therefore, if the head does not match the base, the toothbrush heads will be useless. A good way to find a list of replacement toothbrush heads that match the base of the toothbrush is to review the information that the manufacturer includes in the original packaging. In some cases, there will be replacement toothbrush heads made by other manufacturers that will match the base.

There are a number of other considerations as well. For example, consider whether the heads should be soft, medium, or hard in terms of the firmness of the bristles. Many dentists recommend that patients use soft toothbrushes. Some people, however, prefer slightly firmer bristles. There are also some replacement toothbrush heads that have a strip of colored bristles, such as blue or green, that will fade to white when it is time for the toothbrush head to be replaced, which can be a helpful reminder.

Many people believe that it is important to sanitize their toothbrushes on a regular basis. For those people, it is important to make sure that replacement toothbrush heads will fit in the sanitizer. This is especially important as many toothbrush sanitizers are designed for full-sized toothbrushes that cannot have their heads replaced.


One of the best ways to choose replacement toothbrush heads is to get a recommendation from a dentist. It can be helpful to get a recommendation both on a brand to use as well as the kind of firmness that will best work with one's tooth and gum issues. A dentist will also be able to give a recommendation on kinds of replacement toothbrush heads have the best designs for their purposes.

Another important consideration is cost. Some replacement toothbrush heads are more expensive than others. When shopping for an electric toothbrush, it may be wise to look into the price of the replacement heads to see how expensive it will be to keep the toothbrushes outfitted. In some cases, it may be possible to save money on replacement toothbrush heads by purchasing them in large quantities.


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Post 3

I had an electric toothbrush and I did like it a lot. But the brush head wore out and when I saw the price for the replacement heads, I decided to just get a regular toothbrush instead. I don't understand why the toothbrush head replacements have to be so expensive. We already pay for the electric handle and we have to buy batteries regularly too. The least they could do is make the replacement heads more affordable. I brush three times a day, so I would have to replace the head fairly often but I just can't afford that.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- It's difficult to answer this because it may change from brand to brand.

Usually, brands will label replacement toothbrush heads according to the type of brush that they're made for. As you know each brand has different names for their various brush series. So the best way to select a replacement head, is to get one that is labeled for the same series as the one you have.

Also read the description of the replacement heads carefully. If the replacement heads have been made to fit brushes of another series, it should say on the label. Alternatively, you could contact the manufacturer directly and ask them about your options.

Post 1

Are the toothbrush heads made by the same brand usually suitable for all of their electric toothbrushes? I need a new toothbrush head for my electric brush but I want a slightly different brush this time. As long as I get it from the same brand, it will fit right?

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