How Do I Choose the Best Replacement File Cabinet Locks?

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There are a number of different factors that may influence your decision making process in regards to buying replacement file cabinet locks. The primary factor is the type of file cabinet you have, since that will dictate what types of replacement locks you can use. You will typically need information such as the manufacturer, model number, and the size of the knockout in order to find replacement file cabinet locks that will work with your unit. If your main concern is security, then you should think about replacing your wafer style locks with tumbler locks. You may also want to consider just ordering replacement file cabinet lock inserts if all you want to do is modify a number of file cabinets to use a single key.

File cabinet locks are available in a number of different designs and styles. Some replacement locks match the original specifications precisely, while others are designed to make an older file cabinet more convenient or secure. If you want to find the best replacement file cabinet locks, the first step is to find out a little bit of information about your unit. The make and model number of the file cabinet can be very helpful, though the size the knockout will typically be enough if you can find no other information. You should then try to find a replacement lock that matches the old lock measurements or knockout dimensions.


Since there are a few different reasons you might be looking for replacement file cabinet locks, you will also need to take those factors into consideration. If you want to increase the security of your existing file cabinets, you may want to think about upgrading the original wafer locks. Replacement file cabinet locks are often available in pin or disc tumbler designs. These replacement locks sometimes require additional hardware, so you should make sure to check into whether there is an installation kit for your particular model of file cabinet.

If you have a lot of file cabinets, you may also be interested in modifying them so that they can all be unlocked by the same key. The best replacement file cabinet locks for this purpose are typically lock cores. These inserts can often be ordered directly from the lock manufacturer, in which case you should specify that you want them to all be keyed the same way. Replacing these cores is usually cheaper and less time consuming than installing completely new locks would be.


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Post 2

@Melonlity -- One thing people don't think about very often when buying a new filing cabinet is the quality of the lock. Quite often, companies will put in a lock that is serviceable but maybe not so great.

It is worth a little extra time, then, to check into the quality and durability of the lock. That may seem like a minor thing until such time as the lock fails and you can't open your filing cabinet.

And if you do get stuck with a cheap lock, you might consider replacing it with a better one.

Post 1

Don't be tempted to go cheap on a new lock in order to save a few bucks. I have seen more than one person opt for cheap locks and wind up with a drawer with a lock that totally sticks. It's not much fun opening up a drawer with a crowbar. That ruins the cabinet, meaning you could have spent a few extra dollars on a lock and saved yourself the expense of buying a new filing cabinet.

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