How Do I Choose the Best Refurbished Treadmill?

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Purchasing a refurbished treadmill instead of a brand new one is one popular way of getting a high-end treadmill at a reduced price. Often, a refurbished treadmill will be of the same quality as a brand new treadmill, but it is often difficult to tell why the treadmill has been refurbished. As with any purchase of a relatively expensive item, it is a good idea to thoroughly examine the treadmill before buying it and, if possible, ask someone at the store about the previous owner and the item's history.

Many times, refurbished items, including treadmills, have absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. If the previous owner returned the treadmill for any reason, including if the machine was simply too big to fit into his or her apartment or if he or she reconsidered the expensive purchase after buying it, the treadmill will be sold as "refurbished" instead of brand new, even if it has never even been used. In cases like these, buying a refurbished treadmill is fairly safe.


If the refurbished treadmill has been rebuilt to repair mechanical issues, it may be considered good as new. This is especially true if the treadmill was rebuilt by the original manufacturer instead of a third party and if new parts were used instead of used parts. An individual looking to purchase a treadmill that has been rebuilt, however, might be wise to investigate the reason behind why the treadmill needed to be rebuilt. Even brand new parts will not solve the problem if the type of parts being used or the construction of the treadmill are faulty, for example.

In case the seller cannot provide you with information about the treadmill's history and the reason it has been refurbished, be sure to examine the treadmill closely before buying it. Inspect the construction and parts for visible damage and test the treadmill out in the store for at least a few minutes on all of the speed and incline settings. It may even be possible to obtain permission from the seller to have the treadmill examined by a mechanic, to make sure everything is in working order. To many people, this might seem like overkill, but, especially if the treadmill is a more expensive model, it will be worth it to figure out before buying it if a refurbished treadmill is likely to experience a mechanical failure.


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