How Do I Choose the Best Refurbished Digital Cameras?

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When buying refurbished digital cameras, it's a good idea to obtain manufacturer warranties if possible. If you are buying your secondhand digital camera from an auction or independent seller, be sure to inspect the camera before purchasing it. If you're uncertain about the retailer selling the refurbished digital cameras, check for consumer reviews. Some refurbished cameras do not come with accessories such as charging adapters or instruction manuals, so you might have to obtain these from another source. Always test your secondhand digital camera to be sure there are no hidden defects before committing to a sale.

If you want to get a good deal on refurbished digital cameras from a camera store or online seller, it's also important to inquire about a return policy. Avoid buying refurbished digital cameras with the stipulation that all sales are final. It's best to choose a used digital camera you can return for an exchange or refund within a specified amount of time. This will allow you the time you need to ensure every feature of the camera functions properly.

When buying refurbished digital cameras from an auction site, ask the seller about any issues or problems with the camera, if he hasn't already specified. If the seller states there are no broken parts, try to get that assurance in writing. If you are buying the camera online and only can judge the condition from a picture, inquire about any physical blemishes.


You might also inquire whether the refurbished digital cameras you purchase are models that have been returned by other customers or defective cameras that have been repaired by the manufacturer. If a camera has been repaired, it might still have minor issues that cannot be corrected. If, however, the camera was returned as an unwanted item, you might be getting a camera that looks and works as good as new.

It's also important to inquire if the digital camera has been refurbished with second-hand parts. Replacement parts, such as shutter buttons or camera doors, should be brand new to ensure the best quality. With used parts, you might be getting a refurbished camera that is cosmetically flawed.

Less obvious flaws might be broken connectors or minor erosion to the battery compartment, so do not overlook these factors. If there is a cable included, be sure it connects perfectly with no loose connection. If it is loose in any way, your refurbished digital camera might fail to operate when uploading your photos.


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Post 3

I am looking for the best compact digital camera and know I won't be using it that often so I figure buying refurbished won't be a big deal. Does anyone know some good discount digital cameras that are best for a casual user?

The only time I would use my digital camera would be for things like parties and I generally don't get out as often as I would like to. I think for the most part that a point and shoot would be the best for me. The smaller the camera the better. It seems tough finding pocket sized cameras refurbished but I did manage to find a store online with some. I am hoping that someone can point me at the right model though.

Post 2

@animegal - I enjoy photography as a hobby and think that you might like a camera like the Nikon D90. It isn't quite on par with their higher end 3000 but if you look at some digital camera reviews you'll see that it is quite a popular model with an excellent lifespan.

Nikon is also well known for doing repairs even after their warranties are expired. If you are lucky you can even get some simple fixes done at no cost.

There are a lot of cheap digital cameras on the market but if you are going for a refurbished one you might as well get one known for being reliable. I personally love my D90 and I purchased mine used and it is still holding up well.

Post 1

I have recently gotten into photography thanks to a club at my school and don't have a huge budget so I am considering buying one of the refurbished digital SLR cameras I have seen advertised. Most SLR digital cameras are very expensive, especially those that are used for things beyond casual snapshots.

I am a bit worried though about dropping a few hundred dollars on a refurbished camera without finding one that is known for being sturdy. Can anyone recommend a good entry level digital SLR camera that is of high quality?

I don't just want the best cheap digital camera but one that is going to last me a couple of years.

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