How do I Choose the Best Ranch-Style House Plans?

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Choosing the best ranch-style house plans involves choosing a plan that meets individual and family needs as well. For example, choosing the best ranch-style house plan requires defining one’s family lifestyle, understanding one’s need for privacy, and knowing how much space one will need for the family furniture. Also, in choosing the best ranch-style house plans, having a sense of the aesthetic or mood that one wants to create and choosing a design that is compatible with the size of the lot can be helpful.

Lifestyle issues that one should consider could vary. The stage of life that one is in plays a role in selecting ranch-style house plans. For instance, if one is planning to have children, then the house plan would have to be sufficient for a person, his or her spouse or significant other, and the children. The ranch-style house plan that one chooses would have to accommodate a sufficient amount of space and a sufficient number of bedrooms to accommodate everyone living in the house.

Also, if one is anticipating housing an elderly parent or other elderly relative, that means that more space would be needed. Thus, the house plan would have to reflect that. Of course, if friends will be visiting and staying overnight on a regular basis, there will have to be additional room in the house to accommodate them.


If one plans to accommodate friends and visitors, one could need a large living room and dining room. The ranch house plan, under those circumstances, would have to specify the size and nature of the living room and dining room. Also, one has to decide if one might want to expand the size of the house at some future time. If adding rooms to the house in a visually appealing manner is a goal, keep in mind that some ranch-style house plans are more enabling of adding rooms than others without extreme expense and effort.

In terms of privacy, some people are content with having privacy that is apparent in the bedrooms and personal spaces; however, some people may decide that they need a private home office. Placement of windows can also be a key issue when it comes to concerns pertaining to privacy. If one were concerned about privacy, it would make sense to choose house plans that enabled the L-shaped house design or the U-shaped house design with fewer windows facing the neighbors’ yards. Choosing a ranch-style house plan that enabled building of decks or patios that are enclosed by a non-transparent fence would also be useful if privacy is a concern.

Choosing a ranch-style house plan that can accommodate one’s existing furniture or that can accommodate new furniture that one plans to purchase can be important. Of course, if one has a lot of furniture, then one will need a larger home on a large lot which could be more expensive. As a general rule, there needs to be 36 inches around the furniture and there needs to be enough space so doors can be opened and closed without difficulty.

Ranch-style house plans come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, one could get a cottage retirement home, a house that looks more like a villa, or anything in between these two extremes. It is possible to choose ranch-style houses that will reflect almost any mood or aesthetic. Hence, there are many options if one is interested in ranch-style house plans.


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