How do I Choose the Best Raised Garden Soil?

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Raised gardens serve a number of practical purposes from making gardening easier to keeping slugs and other pests away. The best raised gardens tend to have proper soil added to them, though there is a bit of discrepancy when it comes to the best raised garden soil available. Many farmers declare that the best soil is soil that has been produced from compost, though others do not agree.

Compost soil is made from biodegradable household waste. This type of soil is packed full of nutrients that help gardens grow with ease. When mixed with packaged soils, compost can make an ideal raised garden soil. The main issue associated with choosing a raised garden soil is finding a packaged soil that is of high quality.

While many people use topsoil, this type of soil is not regulated in any manner. This means that any topsoil brand can be a mixture of good and bad quality soil. If you are going to use topsoil, it is a good idea to purchase this soil from a reputable garden supply center that you trust. Otherwise, it must be tested for quality purposes.


Mixing compost with red clay is another popular option. Red clay has a number of minerals that will help any raised garden plants grow. This type of soil is generally more expensive than most other types, though many people who use a red clay and compost mixture believe this combination to be the best possible raised garden soil available.

Soils that can be purchased in gardening stores are often difficult to judge. Sometimes, these soils can be top-quality, but this depends upon the soil manufacturer. Cheaper packaged soils will not have as many nutrients as expensive soils. In either case, the ingredients included in any packaged soil should be noted prior to purchase.

It's difficult to create a better soil than compost soil. Since compost contains so many valuable nutrients, any serious gardener should consider creating a composting pile. Fruits and vegetables provide the best compost, though many different items can be added to a composting bin. To create compost, purchase a composting bin online or in any garden store.

Making your own soil may seem like a lot of work, but it is the best way to ensure rich raised garden soil. Raised gardens that are not given adequate soil will often fall short of expectations. Keep in mind that any purchased soil should be tested, or obtained from a reliable source, prior to usage.


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@talentryto- I do the same thing to my raised garden soil, and it really helps my plants thrive. I also add some fertilizer each year, which also helps to keep the soil nutrient-rich.

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My grandfather taught me how to garden, and all he did to the garden soil each year was till the plants from the previous planting season into the soil. This would help to enrich it by putting nutrients back into it after a long winter.

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