How do I Choose the Best Quercetin with Bromelain?

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Before choosing a supplement containing quercetin with bromelain, it is important to consider important factors such as the reputation of the company manufacturing the product, the intended purpose of the supplement, and the correct dosage. This dietary supplement is the product of two natural substances, each with their own unique properties. Quercetin is a flavoroid made from plants, and is a natural antioxidant source and also has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. It can be found in many foods including tea, cauliflower, and nuts. Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes effective for breaking down protein and is derived from the stem and juice of the pineapple fruit.

It is essential to consider the source before selecting any supplement, including quercetin with bromelain, to ensure quality, safety, and supplement potency. If the patient is new to choosing supplements, experts suggest doing some research about the various companies offering the product to determine if their business practices are sound and if the supplement manufacturing fits in with local guidelines. There are many resources online that offer consumer information. Many people choose to consult their doctor or pharmacist before selecting a supplement product, as these professionals are often very knowledgeable about company reputation and the effectiveness of products. Consumer organizations are another good source of information pertaining to these companies.


The consumer should consider the functions of the quercetin with bromelain supplement before choosing to take it. Both ingredients are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and quercetin is often used as a cancer prevention treatment as well as for cardiovascular health due to its antioxidant properties. Another function of quercetin is reducing the production of histamine in the body, helping to limit swelling of the various tissues. Bromelain is often used to treat digestive issues due to its protein breaking enzymes, and it is also effective for sinus infection or other issues. Together they are very effective for sinusitis and any conditions that produce inflammation and swelling.

Most people tolerate quercetin with bromelain very well and noticeably few side effects are reported. Most medical professionals advise taking 3000 mg of the combined supplement, or 1500 mg of the individual substances. Capsule form is considered to be the most convenient option, and is often prescribed along with more conventional antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medications. As with any type of dietary supplement, patients are encouraged to speak with their doctor before beginning any new treatment or supplement.


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