How Do I Choose the Best Quantity Surveying Software?

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Construction and building professionals interested in finding the best quantity surveying software might begin by meeting with analysts to discover solutions they need to improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses. For example, some professionals may find that they can benefit from software allowing them to create bills of materials, including costs and quantities, on spreadsheets. Other professionals might find that the best quantity surveying software is designed to help them to manage contracts and leases. It is also common for construction professionals to choose packages or suites in which several different programs are included.

Professionals who work in the quantity surveying field perform duties such as tracking and scheduling for the delivery of materials. They also might act as project managers in the sense that they create and update budgets to fit the progress of construction projects. In some cases, quantity surveyors also act as building appraisers. Quantity surveying software is any kind of computer program the enables a professional to perform his or her job more efficiently and with a greater degree of accuracy.


For many quantity surveyors, software choices are dependent on budgets. Prior to creating a budget for software, it is advisable that you perform an overview of the market. Use websites and trade periodicals to learn about the different prices of programs that include features from which your business can benefit. While it might be appealing to choose quantity surveying software that costs little up front, keep in mind that by paying a more for a more reliable product can be a worthwhile investment that cuts cost in the long run.

A common choice for quantity surveying professionals is web-based software. This is a kind of program that is accessed online. All information that you store is uploaded onto the server of a web host. This model often is more affordable than software that users can purchase and also requires less commitment since users commonly do not have to sign contracts. Instead, they might pay usage fees. Professionals who have limited Information Technology (IT) services can benefit from web-based software because it usually is updated by a web host.

Individuals who prefer to own quantity surveying software commonly have in-house IT departments that perform upgrades and troubleshooting. IT professionals also can integrate this kind of software into a business's network. Proponents of owning software often claim that it is safer than using web-based models.


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