How Do I Choose the Best Protein Smoothies?

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Choosing the best protein smoothies depends on what you are looking for in this type of drink. Some people want to maximize their protein intake or replace meals with healthy alternatives, while others are looking for an energy drink full of flavor. The best way to maximize protein intake is to create protein smoothies with protein powder and throw in additional high-protein ingredients like nuts, eggs, or beans. If you are looking for a meal replacement, the protein smoothie should be packed with important vitamins from vegetables in addition to protein. Lastly, if flavor is of the utmost importance, most protein smoothies can be tweaked to perfection, or close to it, no matter what the ultimate goal is.

Some body builders and athletes pay close attention to their protein intake to ensure their health and performance. They frequently try to fit relatively large amounts of protein into a glass or two by making protein smoothies. This is actually easy to do with a high-protein powder and, if the powder is not enough, high-protein foods to blend with it. For example, beans, nuts, and seeds are some common and sometimes inexpensive sources of protein. Protein powder smoothies can be created with water, milk, or just about any liquid you prefer.


Vegetable smoothies are best for people who want a wide variety of nutrients. Lettuce, carrots, and almost any other vegetable can be placed into a blender along with a source of protein to form a healthy snack or meal replacement. Your source of protein can be eggs, cottage cheese, or just a plain or vanilla-flavored protein powder. For the best variety of vegetables, add both leafy greens like broccoli and spinach and colorful vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. Unless you like the taste of a specific vegetable, however, always choose vegetables that pack the most vitamins; for example, pick romaine lettuce over iceberg.

For some people, the best protein smoothies taste as if they should be unhealthy. In general, however, protein powders often only barely pass as vanilla or double chocolate. Sometimes it is best to use a source of protein whose flavor can easily be overwhelmed if you cannot find a protein source that tastes good to you. Experiment with different vegetables and fruits until you find a combination that works. Do not dismiss foods that you would not normally eat because of their taste; sometimes very bland or unpleasant vegetables can taste sweet or at least tolerable when blended with protein powder or milk.


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