How do I Choose the Best Protein Shake Mix?

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Choosing the best protein shake mix is much more complicated than most people think. There are many different types of protein mixes on the market, and all of them are unique. In order to begin researching protein powders, it is important to first understand the various types of protein available.

There are four basic types of protein: whey, soy, egg, and casein. Whey protein is preferred by many nutritionists, since whey is naturally derived from milk. Unlike other types of protein, whey does not contain any fat or lactose. Soy protein is derived from the soy plant, and it is the only kind of protein that comes from a plant source. Soy protein does not mix as well as whey protein, and some people, including those who are currently taking breast cancer and menopause medications, should not use soy protein powder.

Egg protein is derived from egg whites. Once the whites of eggs have been turned into powder form, this powder is then used for a number of applications including protein shake mix. Protein powder that comes from eggs is a good alternative to milk-derived products, though people who are allergic to eggs should not use this kind of protein shake mix. Casein protein is a slow digestive protein, which makes it an optimal choice for those looking for a meal replacement powder. Milk protein is also known as casein protein, since casein comes from milk.


Next, consider whether you want to purchase a straight protein or a protein mix. Many different protein powders contain two or three different types of protein. If you only want to ingest one type of protein, make sure to read all protein shake mix labels carefully. Straight protein is harder to find than mixed protein, but these products still exist.

You will also want to think about the reason why you want to use a protein shake mix. Powders labeled "weight gainer" are meant to help you gain weight. Products that are labeled "meal replacement" contain additional vitamins and nutrients, and these products have been developed in order to completely replace meals. Pay attention to protein powder labels in order to find the powder that you are looking for.

Finally, consider the brand and flavor of a protein shake mix. Generally, popular brands are your best option, since these mixes have been tried and tested by thousands of consumers. The best way to find a protein powder that you like it to try a variety of brands, keep the aforementioned details in mind, and select a powder that works with your lifestyle.


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