How Do I Choose the Best Promotional Stickers?

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Promotional stickers can be used to help advertise and can also be functional. Stickers are available in an assortment of styles, including permanent, static cling, and bumper stickers. With endless choices, choosing the best promotional stickers for each situation depends on evaluating the needs of both the corporation and the customer.

Companies can use promotional stickers for a wide variety of reasons. Promotional stickers provide an affordable way to market a new product or promote the company in general. They can be included in gift bags at promotional events, such as trade shows, and can be handed out to the public at outings such as concerts and sporting events. Another way companies may utilize promotional stickers is to help seal envelopes, boxes, or other packaging materials. Using stickers provide an additional way of advertising on shipments and product purchases while also serving a functional purpose.

Permanent stickers have an adhesive backing and work well in a variety of settings. Typically, permanent stickers are available for purchase by the roll and work well when used as shipment labels and envelope seals. These stickers can be purchased in a variety of sizes, such as circular or rectangular, to fit the size and shape of the logo or design.


Static cling promotional stickers are appropriate for a variety of uses. They can be affixed to a window and removed at the customer’s discretion, which makes them a favorite among many types of organizations, such as sporting groups and universities. Static cling decals come in a variety of designs as well and can have a clear or solid background.

Bumper stickers are a larger version a permanent sticker. These work well when used on corporate vehicles and equipment. A corporation will typically choose a bumper sticker to display helpful information, such as the company name and telephone number, on a car or work truck. This type of sticker is a favorite among utility and transportation providers.

Stickers can be imprinted or embossed. With an imprint, the printer will use colored dyes to help create a design on the sticker. Embossing employs a special machine to help give a logo or design a raised look on the sticker. Deciding on imprinted or embossed stickers often involves analyzing the cost difference for each method and reviewing product proofs to see which design provides the corporation with the desired finished look.


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